Leave Abusive Husband

Tue, Jul 13, 2010


Dear Dr. Luauna,
My brother called child protection because he found out my husband hit our kids; the kids were taken away. I love my husband; we have been married for 10 years, he has continuously hit me and started hitting the kids a few years ago, he always says he’s sorry, he said he would go to church. Should I stay? Signed, Hoping for Change

Dear Hoping for Change,
I have worked with hundreds of women in your situation in our Victorious Homes, you should leave! Thank God your brother called, the children are innocent and should not be subjected to violence for
one moment.

Neither should you, you are in danger. For some reason, you have not left yet; maybe you think you deserve the violence, or no one else will love you, or it is normal for him to hit you, or he can change or
you have no where to go. These are many of the reasons women in your position stay, let me tell you none of them are true.

Can he change? It would be good for him to go to church anyway; without Christ he will never change. Your husband needs to recognize his wrong behavior and he needs complete deliverance from his violent nature; this can only come by the power of Jesus. Yet, you should not be his punching bag while he goes through this process, it will not happen overnight.

There is immediate help available for you; the police will help you and there are homes for victims of domestic violence. You have to be strong, make a firm decision and follow through for your sake and if
you want your children back. I will be praying for you!

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