Does God Answer?

Mon, Feb 20, 2012


Is God real? Is God alive? Does He answer prayer? Signed, Searching for Answers

Dear Searching for Answers,

As I read your question, I pondered how to respond because in my 33 years of serving the Lord, I have personally seen a multitude of prayers answered, enough to fill volumes. I made a quick list of scriptures below to answer. Once again, there are so many Bible verses I could not include them all here, these people prayed and cried out to God:

• The children of Israel for a deliverer, He sent Moses - Exodus 3:7-10
• The children of Israel & Moses for escape through the Red Sea - Exodus 14:26-30
• The children of Israel for water in the wilderness - Exodus 17:1
• The children of Israel for food in the wilderness - Exodus 16:4
• The children of Israel for meat in the wilderness - Exodus 16:13
• Joshua cried out during battle and the sun stood still - Joshua 10:13
• A widow cried out in poverty and God supplied oil in vessels to sell - 2 Kings 4:1 – 6
• The widow of Zarepheth’s cried out for her dead son to be raised - I Kings 17:7-24
• Elijah cried out and fire came down from Heaven twice - I Kings 18:25 & 2 Kings 1:9-11
• Elijah cried out for drought & he cried out to end the drought - I Kings 17:1 & I Kings 18:41
• Hannah cried out, God healed her barren womb - I Samuel 1:1-18
• Daniel prayed and cried out, God closed the mouths of the lions - Daniel 6:1-23
• Blind Bartimeus cried out for mercy, Jesus healed his blindness - Mark 10:46-52
• The woman with the blood disease cried out in her heart and she was healed - Matthew 9:20 – 22

I cried out and God gave me 24 acres to build a Prayer Mountain in the United States so I can make it available to you. Please come, pray and see how our God still answers your prayers too!

• Prayer Mountain – Spirit-Filled Prayer Meetings
o Monday-Friday 5am – 9 am
o Friday 7 pm
• Radio program: Sundays @ 7 am
o KPRZ AM 1210
• Prayer Mountain Worship Services:
o Sundays @ 10 am & Wednesdays @ 7 pm
o A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain
o 16145 Hwy 67, Ramona, CA 92065
• Television program:
o Tuesdays @ 9 pm-Cox Cable Channel 18 & 23
o Wednesdays @ 5 pm -Time Warner Channel 19.
Email: - I would love to hear from you.

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